Where are you located?
Our physical address is : 6400 Maple Avenue, Suite 950
Dallas, Texas 75235 
We are located one block south of Mockingbird Lane on the east side of the street.
Our remittance address is : P.O. Box 196076
Dallas, Texas 75219-8620

What are your hours?

We are open from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM Central Time, Monday through Friday.
We are closed on Saturday & Sunday and any holiday that UPS does not offer delivery.
Why do I need to fax in my non-stock orders?
We request that you fax in any order for non-stocked product and any order that has special shipping requirements, i.e. expedited shipping or a different ship to address than your standard. By faxing in these orders, this will prevent any miscommunication that can happen when orders are given verbally.
I am an architect, why can’t I buy from you?
We do not sell to architects, contractors, builders, end users, or similar groups because by doing this we would be in direct competition with our customer base.
How long before I get my order?
Many factors affect how long it takes to get your order. Our goal is same day shipping on stocked product, with UPS shipping taking less than four business days for the majority of the United States. Please check the posted UPS chart for more information. On non-stocked product a number of factors will affect delivery time. These include whether the manufacturer has the product in stock, whether the manufacturer allows for drop shipping the product, whether the order meets the manufacturer’s minimum order policy or whether your order has to be combined with other orders. The best thing to do is to call us should you have an order that is time critical. We then can advise you on your options.
Do you charge extra for re-boxing?
No. Although there are a number of items that do require double boxing, we do not charge extra for adding additional packing materials, double boxing, or anything else to ensure your product arrives to you undamaged.
Why do you charge a restock fee?
On items stocked by JCR Distributors we charge a minimal restocking fee. This helps to offset labor and materials cost associated with re-inventorying the items. Restock Fees for product that has to be shipped back to the manufacturer is determined by each individual manufacturer’s restock policies. Please refer to additional manufacturer restock information provided on our website.
Can you bill to my UPS account?
Yes! We can charge your shipments freight costs to your UPS account.
Do you take credit cards?
Generally, no. There have been rare circumstances that we have; however, we do not like to because of the fees the credit card companies charge.

How much is freight going to cost?

A number of factors influence freight costs. From the size of the box the product is shipped in, to the value of the items, to where the order is shipped, to whether this is a residential or business shipment can all affect the freight charges. Thus it is very difficult to estimate freight costs. In most cases UPS charges start at $6.00. Please see our LTL Freight Policy on this website for LTL charges.
Do you offer same day shipping?
Yes! Our goal is to ship product stocked at JCR the same day. This applies for all orders received by 4 PM for UPS and 2 PM for LTL shpiments.
Can you drop ship this to my customer?
Yes! All orders that ship UPS can be drop shipped to your customer. Although technically LTL freight shipments that ship from JCR can be drop shipped to your customer, we highly discourage it. This is very cost prohibitive. Freight companies will add residential shipment fees and lift gate fees that can add hundreds of dollars to the freight charges. When at all possible we recommend shipping LTL shipments to you or another business address. On manufacturer shipped orders the individual manufacturer’s drop ship policy applies. Please call JCR for more information.
Why won’t a manufacturer drop ship my order to me?
A number of companies will not drop ship out of territory (often north Texas). This helps them protect their other customers. Even when they do, they sometimes can have very large minimum order requirements that will affect whether your order can go direct.
I have a question on an invoice, who do I need to talk to?
Anyone here at JCR can help you! In most cases, we will start with the salesperson here who initially worked on your order. That answers the majority of the questions. However, should you need to contact our Accounts Receivable department, you can email AR@JCRDistributors.com .
If you have other questions that are not addressed here, please contact us for more information.


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